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This is Jo Loves Book Club - a community built to connect people from around the world and stimulate entrepreneurial spirit and creativity. Over time we will share with you extracts from Jo’s inspiring autobiography - ‘My Story’ - that encapsulate a theme or idea close to Jo’s heart, alongside an exclusive series of videos.

See it all unfold below.








"My mind raced with the sights and smells that lined up in a chain link of images: the heaviness of the stingray yet how gracefully it floated; Josh's red bucket by my side, filled with sand dollars collected the previous day; the dazzling white of the beach; the clean white towels rolled up on the neighbouring loungers beneath the umbrellas - more stark white against blue; the slaty air; the lemongrass broths being cooked nearby; the peppermint geraniums and herbaceous scents from the hedges behind me; the bottle of fizzy water Gary had half-drunk while I was on my walk, plus a glass with crushed ice melting reluctantly around a slice of lime; my manicured toes with red nail polish, tanned, sun kissed, and when I headed back into the villa, I saw the crisp, ruffled bed linen on our unmade bed, and felt the coolness of the wooden parquet beneath my feet."


Jo would love to hear your thoughts. Here are some questions to get you started - please send your answers in to and we will treat you to our Summer Fragrance Tapas Experience, inspired by Pomelo.

What sparks your creativity?

Where do you go to feel most inspired?

Jo was inspired to create Pomelo whilst on holiday in Turks and Caicos. If you were to create a fragrance what memories would you include?

Set aside ten minutes each day for inspirational creativity. Watch a film, listen to a piece of music, look at a painting or just simply step outside. How does it make you feel?


Have you read My Story? Please share any thoughts, ideas or images with us via @jolovesofficial or for a chance to feature on our website.