Frangipani, Wild Reseda & Tuberose

Layered Scented Candle

Jo Loves Frangipani, Wild Reseda & Tuberose

‘This unexpected combination is reminiscent of wonderfully warm exotic holidays where the night air is sweetly perfumed. It creates a beautifully calm and comforting ambience.’ Jo Malone MBE

An innovation in fragrance layering, our unique Layered Scented Candles have been designed to take you on a scented journey, layering three individual fragrance notes, one on top of the other. Enjoy each single scent and the moments that they blend together.


Each JO LOVES Layered Candle is accompanied by a stylish silver and glass lid to keep the wax dust free, and beautifully presented within a signature red gift box. Hand poured in England, each 255g candle burns for approximately 60 hours.


The delicate scent of frangipani flowers is tailed by fresh and herbaceous reseda, finally settling onto a base of soft, sweet tuberose.


Top: Frangipani
Middle: Wild Reseda
Bottom: Tuberose

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