Candle Care Tips

There are a few tips to bear in mind when you use your Jo Loves candles to help you enjoy your candle from the first burn to the very last flicker of the flame.

"A candle is like a key – it unlocks a scent memory and transports you into a different world."

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A Few Tips


The first time you burn your candle, make sure you light it long enough for the entire surface to melt. This will ensure your candle has a nice, even burn. You should aim to have your candle lit for approximately 1-2 hours for our Home Candles and 2-3 hours for our Luxury Candles.


Make sure you burn your candle in a well-ventilated room and keep it away from any drafts. After each burn, use a candle snuffer or blow out your candle.

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Always re-centre the wick and then replace your candle lid. This will let the wax harden without any dust or debris falling into it.


Once your candle has cooled you will want to trim the wick, ideally using a wick trimmer (you can also pinch off the excess wick with your fingers). You should always leave approximately 4mm of wick and just remove the excess soot head from the previous burn. Keeping the wick at the correct length will help your candle burn evenly, prevent it burning too fast and will increase its throw (how the candle scent fills a room).


If you notice any soot on the inside of your glass, a simple spritz of your favourite Jo Loves fragrance on a cloth will remove this and will have your candle ready to enjoy again.


Always stop burning your candle when approximately 10mm of wax is left and never leave a lit candle unattended.


A Home Candle

Rose Petal 25

Did You Know?

Our artisan candle glass is hand blown and the wax is hand poured in England. Each candle will also have its own silver and glass lid and will be finished with our signature red ribbon. All of our candles are lovingly created to provide hours of fragrant bliss.

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Fig Trees

A Home Candle

Fig Trees

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A Home Candle

Mango Thai Lime

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A Home Candle


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