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Scent layering tip from Jo

At Jo Loves, creativity and innovation are at the heart of everything that we do.

''I love to wear two to three scents together, pairing them. I believe scent is one of the greatest accessories we can use today. It can transform your Sunday cashmere and jeans or your little sundress and make it unique and memorable.''

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All Jo's fragrances have been created to be worn alone or layered together to create your very own bespoke scent creation.

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Scent Artistry

There are no rules to wearing fragrance, although Jo recommends not to rub your wrists together after spritzing because you’re not allowing the fragrance to develop. Instead, simply spritz onto skin and gently pat dry. Jo loves wearing perfume on different parts of her body, and a little in her hair as well.

Jo's advice is to experiment and have fun!

Scent Layering for Longevity

Layering by using A Bath & Shower Gel or A Body Lotion in the same scent as your Fragrance will help it last longer. Packed with skin nourishing ingredients and full of fragrance, our Body Lotions will act as the perfect layering tool before you apply your favourite Jo Loves scent. Layering your products in this way will help lock in your scent making it last much longer on your skin.

Finding your favourite scent for the home can depend on many different things. A good starting point is to ask yourself some questions. What is the room used for? Do I want the scent to reflect the time of year? Or do I want a scent to evoke a particular feeling or mood?  Maybe you enjoy a signature scent all year round such as Pomelo or maybe you like to change up your scent depending on the time of year.

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A Home Candle


A candle can transport us to any time or place, giving a sensorial experience that allows us to remember things like a family holiday, celebration, or a person we have met. As the seasons change, Jo always switches up the scents in her home – for example, as we go into the summer months, she always burns Pomelo – as she adores citrus. In Autumn and the evenings draw in, she likes to go for something a little more deeper in scent such as Fig Trees, The Beaumont or Smoked Plum & Leather.

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A Luxury Candle

Jo by Jo Loves

The same principal of scent layering can be applied to scenting your home and surroundings. Create bespoke scents for each room by burning a combination of different fragrances.

Jo's Favourite Combinations

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A Posy of roses with a twist

White Rose & Lemon Leaves and Rose Petal 25


Aspen Snow Cabin

Eucalyptus & Cedar Hand Lotion and Shards of Cedar & Red Thyme


Mountains in Montana

Smoked Plum & Leather and Pink Vetiver



Raindrops of spiced grapefruit

Jo by Jo Loves and Grapefruit Body Spray

(0) A Body Crème Jo by Jo Loves 190ml £60.00
Jo by Jo Loves

A Body Crème

Jo by Jo Loves

(0) A Body Mist Grapefruit 100ml £55.00

A Body Mist


(0) A Fragrance Rose Petal 25 100ml £118.00
Rose Petal 25

A Fragrance

Rose Petal 25

(0) A Hand Lotion Eucalyptus & Cedar Woods 375ml £42.00
Eucalyptus & Cedar Woods

A Hand Lotion

Eucalyptus & Cedar Woods

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Here are a few tips


Always use the more powerful note first


Remember to use the Fragrance Paintbrushes and look at your body like a canvas


Just be creative – what could possibly go wrong! ❤

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