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A Home Candle

Log Fires

Ignite your senses with our sophisticated Home Candle, a warm and smoky fragrance that transports you to a cozy evening by the fireplace. Crafted by hand in England using high-quality ingredients, this artisan candle in hand-blown glass will captivate you for up to 37.5 hours, filling your space with notes of wood fire, cedar oil, guaiac wood oil, and black leather. Experience the perfect ambiance for relaxation and indulgence.
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Log Fires

A Home Candle

Log Fires


Log Fires

the atmosphere

Crackling embers, woody depths, and the rugged charm of a vintage motorcycle.

Ignite your senses with the captivating aroma of wood fire, a smoldering invitation to embrace the rugged allure of nature. Immerse yourself in the rich, leathery notes of cedar oil, guaiac wood oil, and black leather, evoking a sense of untamed sophistication.

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Wood fire, Cedar oil, Guaiac wood oil, Black leather
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A Home Candle



100% plant-based ingredients


FSC certified packaging


Never tested on animals

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