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A Luxury Candle

Log Fires

Immerse yourself in the Luxury Log Fires Candle, a captivating blend of wood fire, cedar oil, guaiac wood oil, and black leather, evoking the warmth and sophistication of a crackling log fire. Hand-poured in England, this comforting and smoky fragrance burns for approximately 200 hours, instantly transporting you to a cozy, inviting ambiance.
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Log Fires

A Luxury Candle

Log Fires


Log Fires

the atmosphere

Crackling embers, woody depths, and the rugged charm of a vintage motorcycle.

Ignite your senses with the captivating aroma of wood fire, a smoldering invitation to embrace the rugged allure of nature. Immerse yourself in the rich, leathery notes of cedar oil, guaiac wood oil, and black leather, evoking a sense of untamed sophistication.

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Wood fire, Cedar oil, Guaiac wood oil, Black leather
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A Luxury Candle



100% plant-based ingredients


FSC certified packaging


Never tested on animals

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