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A Fragrance Paintbrush™

No.42 The Flower Shop

Experience the captivating scent of a flower shop with the innovative Fragrance Paintbrush™, featuring a No.42 The Flower Shop gel formula that holds the fragrance and dries in seconds. Indulge in the real, raw, and beautiful scent notes of green notes, peonies, mandarin juice, muguet, narcisse, white flowers, iris, white musk, moss, and patchouli, as you celebrate the wonderful storytelling moments of different flower shops around the world.
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No.42 The Flower Shop

A Fragrance Paintbrush™

No.42 The Flower Shop

2 x 7ml

No.42 The Flower Shop

the atmosphere

Flower shops, early mornings and memories

The fragrance starts with a fresh and vibrant blend of green notes, complemented by delicate peonies and juicy mandarin. As the scent evolves, delicate muguet and creamy, narcissus-like nuances mingle with soft, enveloping white flowers, creating a captivating floral heart. Anchoring the composition, earthy iris, warm white musk, mossy tones, and rich patchouli lend depth and complexity, resulting in an elegant and grounding fragrance.

fragrance notes

Top: Green Notes, Peonies, Mandarin Juice. Middle: Muguet, Narcisse, White Flowers. Base: Iris, White Musk, Moss, Pachouli.
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A Fragrance Paintbrush™

2 x 7ml

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A stunning bouquet of fresh, fragrant blooms and crushed green leaves for flower lovers everywhere. Effortlessly bottling the scent of a flower shop.

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