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A Fragrance Paintbrush™ Refill

Golden Gardenia

Refill your Golden Gardenia Fragrance Paintbrush™ with ease using the 3x7ml refillable cartridges, each carrying a fragrant gel that delivers your scent swiftly and efficiently with every pump. Inspired by the resilience and uniqueness showcased in the London College of Fashion lockdown graduates' fashion show, Golden Gardenia celebrates embracing your flaws, finding strength in your imperfections, and being unapologetically you. Indulge in the captivating scent notes of Elemi, Incense, Cardamon, Cumin Seed, Grey Charcoal, Gardenia, Nutmeg, Orange Blossom, Suede Accord, and Smoked Woods, and let Golden Gardenia be your golden moment of untold happiness, pride, and acceptance.
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Golden Gardenia

A Fragrance Paintbrush™ Refill

Golden Gardenia

3 x 7ml

Golden Gardenia

the atmosphere

A celebration of life, love and acceptance

Immerse yourself in a sensorial journey with our exquisite fragrance, featuring a harmonious blend of Elemi, Incense, Cardamon, Cumin Seed, and Grey Charcoal, which gives way to the floral elegance of Gardenia, the spicy nuances of Nutmeg, and the delicate sweetness of Orange Blossom, culminating in a warm, enveloping base of Suede Accord and Smoked Woods.

fragrance notes

Top: Elemi, Incense, Cardamon, Cumin Seed, Grey Charcoal. Middle: Gardenia, Nutmeg, Orange Blosson. Base: Suede Accord, Smoked Woods.
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A Fragrance Paintbrush™ Refill

3 x 7ml


100% plant-based ingredients


Hand luggage sized


FSC certified packaging


Never tested on animals

''Golden Gardenia is all about discovering your best self and delighting in that moment. Surrounded by the strength of others, you have the confidence to be true to who you are.''

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The heady petals of Gardenia, strong and pure with the golden pinstripes of spice and woods, bring edge and a vibrant surprise to a classic note.

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