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Green Orange & Coriander

Embrace the vibrant energy of New York City with Green Orange & Coriander, a captivating fragrance that blends zesty bitter green orange and black pepper with warm, earthy coriander, oak moss, and tonka bean. This scent transports you to a cozy winter moment in Central Park, where the crunch of snow and the comforting scent of a roaring fire mingle with the inviting aroma of coriander. Immerse yourself in the magic of the city.
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Green Orange & Coriander

A Fragrance

Green Orange & Coriander


Green Orange & Coriander

the atmosphere

A snowy day, roaring fire, a glass of red wine, and the aroma of coriander

The fragrance opens with a bright, citrusy aroma of bitter green orange and black pepper, creating an invigorating, effervescent sensation. As it develops, coriander seed and leaf add depth and nuance, complementing the citrus and spice. Anchored by the woody, mossy aromas of green oak moss and the sweet, vanilla-like tonka bean, the fragrance blends bright, spicy, and warm accords into a captivating olfactory journey.

fragrance notes

Top: Bitter Green Orange, Black Pepper. Middle: Coriander Seed, Coriander Leaf. Base: Green Oak Moss, Tonka Bean.
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A Fragrance



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100% plant-based ingredients

''This brings back memories of a lazy day in New York. With just one spritz, I am reminded of Sunday brunch, wrapped up in a cashmere sweater in front of a crackling log fire.''

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This scent captures the cozy, winter moment spent with family, with the aroma of coriander wafting from the kitchen.

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