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A Fragrance Paintbrush™ Refill

Red Truffle 21

Celebrate 21 years in the fragrance industry with the captivating Red Truffle 21 Fragrance Paintbrush™ Refill Set, featuring 3x7ml refillable cartridges that deliver a powerful blend of Black Pepper, Green Fig Leaf, Bitter Citrus, Pine Leaves, Vetiver, Patchouli, and the unique essence of Truffle. Twist the base of your Fragrance Paintbrush™ anticlockwise to remove the empty cartridge, replace it with the refill, and twist clockwise to secure, while recycling the refill cartridge cap and empty fragrance cartridge. Experience the spirit of Truffle, a gutsy power note that manipulates and changes the fragrance, just as it does with food, in this testament to strength, tenacity, and presence, celebrating 21 years of Jo's dedication to the fragrance industry.
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Red Truffle 21

A Fragrance Paintbrush™ Refill

Red Truffle 21

3 x 7ml

Red Truffle 21

the atmosphere

Strength, tenacity, standing your ground and holding your presence

The fragrance opens with a bold and spicy blend of black pepper, its warmth complemented by the green, leafy notes of fresh fig and the bright, bitter citrus accords. As the scent unfolds, the crisp, resinous aroma of pine leaves emerges, adding depth and complexity to the composition. Anchoring the fragrance, the earthy, woody tones of vetiver and patchouli mingle with the rich, musky notes of truffle, creating a captivating and multifaceted olfactory experience that lingers on the skin.

fragrance notes

Top: Black Pepper, Green Fig Leaf, Bitter Citrus. Middle: Pine Leaves. Base: Vetiver, Patchouli, Truffle.
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A Fragrance Paintbrush™ Refill

3 x 7ml


100% plant-based ingredients


Hand luggage sized


FSC certified packaging


Never tested on animals

''To celebrate the 21st year anniversary of when I opened my first fragrance store I created an unexpected and totally unique new fragrance. Red Truffle 21 unveils the most beautiful truffle note surrounded by fresh fig, bitter citrus and crisp pine. Vibrant and harmonious, this is truffle made modern.''

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A unique blend unveils the most beautiful truffle note surrounded by fresh green Fig, bitter Citrus and cool, crisp Pine to create a confident and contemporary new classic. Vibrant and harmonious; this is truffle made modern.

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